Kraličák Trail & Enduro Park

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Welcome to our bike park featuring a unique combination of easy singletracks for the whole family, flow trails for easy riders and difficult natural technical trails for the pros, all in one place!

22 km of trails around Štvanice hill ends in two valleys: Hynčice with a climb and Stříbrnice where you can go up by a fast modern six-seater chair lift with hooks for bicycles. We have prepared a skill trail and pump track for the little ones, family friendly sightseeing trails with many simple banked turns, smoothed flow trails with jumps and berms and racing enduro trails with steep passages in the forest, full of roots, rock gardens and jumps from stone walls for the enjoyment of the most experienced riders. You will find all this in the bosom of nature with breathtaking views of the entire Jeseníky Mountains. Swimming and refreshments are available as well.

Discover new adventures at every turn. We look forward to seeing you at Králický Sněžník!


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Stříbrnice Area



Trails in the area

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